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kind words…

We loooove all the pillows and thank you so much for the book. The personal note was such a nice touch (and made my hubby go "uh oh. This isn't a good sign!" ha!) I should take pictures and send them to you. The pillows look so great on every bed.  Thanks for your help! And we'll be in touch soon! Ellen ~ NJ

Thank you for your help with this "perfect" gift. It sounds adorable! You went above and beyond to make this gift special. We appreciate working with people like you. If you are not already very successful, you will be. We look forward to working with you again. I will spread your information to other Vera Bradley friends as so many of them have beautiful cottages---and we are all about "decorating"! Mandi ~ IL

Hi Kim - Thanks for taking time to share your ideas.  There are SEVERAL pieces I'd enjoy ordering  ... for me ... and not the auction!!!    :-)    We like one-of-a-kind creations for our beach bungalow and your site is filled with them.   I really like your site and have already shared it with several friends.  Easy to read and no clutter – very simple.  I've added it to my favorites and will be sure to keep up to date on new items. Please pack our mermaid snuggly - she's got a long trip to Virginia!! :-) Take care and thanks again for your time and expertise!! Ruth ~ VA

I just wanted to let you know that I received my pillow today and I absolutely LOVE it!!!  Thank you again for thinking of me and speeding up the process for me to receive it.  Much appreciated. Liz ~ IL

LOVING the straw boat tote, thanks for shipping it in time for my trip! Alison ~ NJ

Hi Kim...I just wanted to let you know that Megan loved the "Every Day I Love You Sign" and it resides right above our bed. As I told you, we also had that engraved on our wedding bands so if we can get a cool photo of that, I'll pass it along to you. Thanks for all of your personalized attention...it's a sign of a great business owner! Eric ~ MA

Yay...came today! It is beautiful-the color is perfect in the nursery...even the fake baby picture in it is cute! (: Happy week and thanks again! (: Malena ~ GA

The thing I like most about you as a store owner and all of your postings is that you are such a personable person....not just a business. Everything you present picture wise and word wise regarding your items for sale are always so colorful and well presented. I think business wise, you have the best one I've seen online...plus you're a great mom :) Valerie

Hey Kim, You are so sweet, no worries. My husband always sings that to me and our 20th Anniversary is tomorrow. We saw it in a store but it was in a different color scheme that wasn't going to work. So I went online and found your store and I'm ordering for my kitchen...love it!  Thanks so much. Michele ~ CA

It’s funny about the bag -- I was totally not in the market for it, but the print grabbed me and said "buy me". Since I'd had a glass of wine, I listened. Susan ~ VA

Hi!! I saw a link to your site on Jillian Harris' Twitter page.  I love your pillows.  Great products and glad I follow Jillian Harris so I could discover it! Thank you! Taylor

We love all the things we ordered. We have a house on the coast and it is going to have a lot of your stuff in it. Thank you! Laura ~ TN

Thanks for your prompt, courteous, and fair service.  I wish all businesses were like yours. Will ~ ME

Oh my gosh, you are awesome.  You can bet that I will return to your site and tell my friends.  You do business the way that it should be done!!!! Many thanks for everything.  Chris ~ WV