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Sailbags Maui - Medium -

**use promo code summerbag15 for 15% off the Medium Sized Bags** "Happily sewn from 100% recycled kite surfing sails from Maui's North Shore". Sailbags Maui grew from the awareness that many of the colorful kite sails dotting Maui's famous North Shore ultimately end up in the islands' finite landfills. Constructed from tough durable plastic & nylon materials, these sails will take generations to breakdown and decompose. At Sailbags Maui, the desire is for all worn, outdated and unusable kite surf sails to be able to "sail on" & have a second chance. Maui designer Kristine Hoffman collects lightly used & shredded beyond repair kite surf sails from the island's Pacific shores. From here, the talented hands of highly skilled Haiku sewers transform each washed & cut kite into a light, bright and playful one of kind bag that's ocean kissed - reminiscent of sunny and windswept days at the beach. It hasn't taken long for industry giants Naish Sails & Cabrinha Kites to hear about it & get on board to make sure she has a steady supply of old and outdated sails. Bags can handle sun, salt, water, heavy loads. They dry quickly, fold down to almost nothing, & do not wrinkle. 14" x 15".