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The Sea Poem Handmade Pillow Cover with Beach Girl -

Sale is final. The Sea Poem Pillow Cover with little beach girl. The artist was inspired by her childhood at the shore and some of her happiest memories. This handmade pillow cover is 17x17. The vintage image and poem are printed onto 100% cotton twill material. The back is a blue wave pattern fabric with envelope closure and shell button with loop. The cover is hand washable. Poly Fill Insert sold separately. The poem: The sea is a friend of mine; For when she comes along, She makes her ripples dance for glee And sings a splendid song. Down close beside her I can watch The silver sails unfurl, And every rolling, tumbling wave Upon the shore uncurl;- They make wide mirrors for the sky And zig-zag ropes of sand, To mark the farthest edges where The water touches land. At night the moon a pathway makes Across the spreading Sea; It must be for the Sea's mermaids and small mermen and me. It leads straight from its skyward end To ripples at my feet, And sometimes I perchance may trip Along the golden street; I'd like to visit with the moon And walk the Milky Way, And linger with the little stars- If the golden path would stay!