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Welcome to cottage coastal store!

Cottage coastal is dedicated to bringing high quality home décor at a fair value. Our merchandise is unique, well crafted and thoughtfully sourced.

Cottage coastal caters to folks that love the beach and sea as much as we do.

We (Kim & Joe) started cottage coastal because of our own draw to the coast and the difficulty we had locating unique furniture; weathered, distressed colorful pieces and “cottage coastal” style accents for our home. Cottage coastal only carries products that we believe in and will stand by. We only stock items that we would want in our own home.

We grew up on opposite coasts. Kim enjoying summers as a child on Cape Cod, riding waves at Nauset Beach and then living in the small quaint seaside town of Marblehead north of Boston after college. Joe grew up on the southern California beaches and spent a great amount of his time living and working in Hawaii. There has always been a connection for both of us to the coast and cottage beachside living.

Cottage coastal is also very concerned about preserving and improving the environment. We are always looking to source items that are made of re-cycled materials and recently went handcrafted only earlier this year. Most (if not very close to all) of our items are also made here in the US.

We hope you enjoy your time here at cottage coastal and find items that fit your lifestyle. If you are like us, there is no better way to live than on or near the water!

Kim & Joe

(P.S. If you cannot find what you need or have questions, please contact us at info@cottagecoastalstore.com.)